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Turner Creek students learn about solar eclipses through hands-on activities and witness a celestial event



April, 2024


Turner Creek Elementary School students were treated to an exciting science lesson about solar eclipses. From kindergarten to fifth grade, students participated in hands-on activities to learn about this event. With Play-Doh and flashlights, model planets, and homemade pinhole viewers, the students eagerly prepared for the April 8 solar eclipse. Finally, on the big day, the whole school went outside, armed with solar glasses and viewers, to witness the remarkable celestial event.




kindergarten students


After learning about how solar eclipses happen, kindergartners used Play-Doh and flashlights to make their model of an eclipse.


kindergarten students


1st Grade


1st graders used a model of the earth, moon, and sun to show what happened during the eclipse. 


1st grade students


5th Grade


5th graders made and tested pinhole viewers before the April 8 solar eclipse to be passed out and shared around the school.


5th grade students


Solar Eclipse 2024


On April 8, all the students at Turner Creek Elementary went outside to view the solar eclipse using solar glasses and pinhole viewers. 


Students viewing the solar eclipse.


Solar eclipse