• Due to the carpool line and dismissal, early check out cut off is 3:15

  • Carpool

    Carpool students arriving for the regular school day or leaving in the afternoon will use the second driveway leading to the front entrance to the school. Buses will use the first drive and drop off/pick up at the multipurpose room. Please stay in a single line until the line reaches the stop sign at the curve near the parking lot. At the stop sign, begin double stacking and follow the directions of the adults on duty. All drivers should drive slowly, pay attention and allow ample time for picking up/dropping off children. There will be a lot of traffic after school and we all must focus on student safety. Students must be picked up by 4:00.
    We encourage all families that will pick students up through carpool to get a carpool number.  A carpool number can be obtained in the Main Office.  The numbers are collected by a staff member starting at 3:40 pm.  A list of numbers will be sent into the building, students will listen for their carpool number then proceed to the appropriate cone color in the front of the building.  Cars will drive up and stop at the next available cone/planter and the student will get in their car.  Drivers are asked to stop at the next available spot, not where their child is!  We will have the student move to the car.
    When you only drop students off in the morning there is no need for a carpool number.