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New to the Lake Quick Guide!

Welcome to the Lake! 


Lake Myra Elementary School is committed to reaching our school mission: To provide a learning environment that is engaging, caring, nurturing, and safe for all learners. We also create an environment of high expectations for students and staff that utilizes research based best practices and develops rigorous and engaging learning opportunities on a daily basis. 


All of our activities are geared with the growth of every student in mind. We challenge students through 21st Century activities that integrate critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration, and communication into the Standard Course of Study. Our teachers receive continuous training on higher order thinking skills in order to challenge all students and prepare all learners for their future.


Lake Myra is also an award winning school for the implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. We create an atmosphere of love and respect for every child. 


Finally, Lake Myra educates the whole child. We are a "Leader in Me" school, integrating the Seven Habits into everything we do.  Our specialists program gives students the opportunities to strive in Art, Music, PE, Guidance, and STEM. Through our R.O.M.P chorus, our leadership clubs, and our dance ensemble.





Our Paradigms