• Principal's Statement


    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

    Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    - Chinese Proverb


    The community in Cary, North Carolina cares for its children and Highcroft Drive Elementary School is the daily expression of that care.  Parents are the child’s first and most significant teacher.  It is our responsibility, as educators, to work closely with parents to build a trusting, cooperative, collaborative relationship so that, together, we can nurture each child toward his or her intellectual, emotional, and physical potential.   Developing a positive school climate is created by all the interactions each of us have with one another.  It is important for us to build and maintain a cohesive sense of community, especially with many students, parents and staff coming from different schools and backgrounds.  I hope that all members of the Highcroft School community will view themselves as Highcroft Helpers, an attitude that permeates all actions and achievements.

    Given a nurturing, safe and secure learning environment, the dedicated staff of Highcroft can proceed with the primary function of our school – to help children learn.  I believe school is children’s work which they should undertake with interest, enthusiasm, motivation and pleasure.   An outstanding Highcroft staff will provide exciting, hands-on learning activities, based on the Common Core and Essential Standards, educational research, and best practices of instruction.  Students will be held to high standards, both behaviorally and academically.  Each child will be successful with our guidance, along with important parental support and assistance.

    I take my educational responsibility to the children of Highcroft Elementary School very seriously.  I pledge that I, along with an outstanding instructional staff, will provide caring support, instructional expertise and dedicated commitment to nurture and educate your children while entrusted to our care.

    Highcroft Drive opened in 2004 under the leadership of Mrs. Jane Ann Hughes. I was honored to be named the second principal of this great school in 2012. As a former elementary school teacher and mentor to new teachers, I understand the conditions needed to foster an environment in which teachers can teach, students can learn, and parents are partners. After being a teacher at a new school and working with new teachers and a variety of principals, I was led towards the work of administration to help create this kind of environment for both adults and students. It is my goal for you, as parents, to feel as pleased and excited about Highcroft for your children as I am to be your principal. Let's join together, as a team, to make Highcroft Drive Elementary School the very best. 

    If you have additional questions, you can email them to me mgamble@wcpss.net.I will answer them as soon as possible.  Answers to general questions will be posted on the website.