• 2019 Carpool Procedures

    Carpool map


    All carpool students are to be picked up in the carpool line (which is the left side of the school if you were looking at it from Johnson Pond Road.). All parents should have a carpool number tag that they hang on the rear-view mirror in your car.  Carpool numbers will be available at our Meet The Teacher event and during our Kindergarten Meet The Teacher event .  Carpool numbers will be available from the main office once school begins.  You can stop by the office to pick one up or send a note with your child and we will make sure they receive a number. 
    Please form a line that goes in front of the school. Please do not cut into the line as this will cause our procedure to be disrupted.   If you cut in line during pick up time, your child will not know to come out and wait for you, which holds up the line.  Drivers  are asked to remain in a single file line, letting your child out/in when you reach a safety patrol student. Please pull all the way down to allow the maximum number of cars to access the sidewalk and keep the line moving as quickly as possible. Carpool will begin at 8:45 in the morning and at 3:45 in the afternoon. Afternoon pickup typically ends around 4:10. The first few weeks always takes longer, as students are still learning their carpool numbers and procedures.
    (2019) Be sure to find out if you are the RED CONE car. This car will lead the other cars to the correct cone. Please do not stop at any cone or a cone with your child standing there. Pull up to the very next cone no matter what. We will bring your child to the correct cone as cars stop for safety. 
    MAKE SURE YOU GET A CARPOOL TAG THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL. After the first week, you will need to go to the office to check out your child. The FVES carpool tag is a SAFETY TICKET and prevents stranger pick ups and parents with custody concerns peace of mind. Thank you for understanding. 
    Be sure to check out our new carpool dropoff/pickup location and procedures.  (2016-2017 to now) Click here