About Abbotts Creek Elementary

  • Abbotts Creek Elementary is located on Durant Road across the street from Durant Nature Park and adjacent to the Abbotts Creek Community Center.  The school opened to students for the 2015-2016 school year.

    Abbotts Creek Elementary is located next to the old North Wake Landfill. Starting in 2004, a committee of local citizens met to decide what would happen to the landfill and adjacent land when it closed in 2008. After discussing a variety of options, the committee decided that the land would be best used to build a park, community center, and school. Abbotts Creek Elementary and the community center are located on land adjacent to the landfill that was used to supply soil and dirt for coverage when the landfill was in use and closing. Below are several links to information on the North Wake Landfill, its closure, and future plans, as well as information about the community center.

    Wake County Government:North Wake Landfill-includes links to the Post Closure Land Use Plan, North Wake Landfill District Park, and more.

    FAQs on the North Wake Landfill-Includes technical information on how the landfills were built, maps of the landfills and surrounding property, and directions to access groundwater/air quality reports.

    Abbotts Creek Community Center-City of Raleigh information about the Abbotts Creek Community Center and park

Abbotts Creek under construction
Abbotts Creek under construction