Board Policy 3225: Technology Use

  • Updated Board Policy 3225 Information

    Early in the school year, all children will be sent home with a consent form that must be completed and signed by their parent or guardian. The information contained on this page is from the Wake County Public School System and provides adequate information about the newly adopted policy. Per our county memorandum, we are operating within our 60-day window to update student consent forms and file paperwork. 

    About Our Districts Responsible Use Policy

    The new policy (3225) and R&P requires all parents to give permission to use technology and digital resources. This is an “all or none” policy. Students who have had their individual technology access denied are still able to participate in teacher or administrator-led activities that contain Internet content. Students who have their technology access denied are not protected from viewing Internet content in use by other students. Our Internet use is filtered with McAfee Web Gateway URl filtering product; an industry leader in web filtering. 

    What to Consider When Opting Out 

    Access to instructional materials will be limited.
    • Your student will not be able to use a computer or other digital device while at school. This includes Internet access.
    • Digital resources allow me (the teacher) to better personalize learning for your student.
    • PowerSchool/Canvas allow real-time access to grades and assignments. Your student will not be able to access, complete and track his/her school work and grades.
    • Digital portfolios allow students to share projects with a larger community. Your student will not be able to build his/her portfolio and share it easily with colleges and employers.
    • If your student’s school is part of the “Bring Your Own Device” program, he/she will not be allowed to use a device to school.
    • Digital resources are carefully chosen by the district, school, and teacher to meet specific curricular learning goals. These include, but are not limited to, Discovery Education, BrainPop, netTrekker, and VoiceThread. By opting out, your student will not have individual access to these resources.
    •  Digital resources such as Google Apps, allow students to collaborate on projects. Your student will not be able to access these resources for collaboration (asynchronous and global).
      Specific Curriculum Standards may not be met.