• AIG Team

     We are the AIG Team at Douglas!


    Heidi Bledsoe and Kimberly Womble are the AIG Team at Douglas! We teach K-5 students and our goal is to enrich the academic experience for all students as they demonstrate readiness in their classroom work and behaviors. Additionally we meet with teachers weekly in PLTs and team planning to collaborate the best ideas for differentiation in the regular classroom. 

    AIG Services:

    4th and 5th Identified Students

    Resource services are provided for 4th and 5th grade identified students at least once a week per identified area.  

    3rd Grade

    AIG Identification

    3rd Grade is the AIG testing year.  All students will be tested in November with the CogAT and then again in December with the IOWA if their CogAT scores are 85% or higher in any area.  These scores are used in addition to work evidence through classroom learning and Fall Explorers classes to determine a need for gifted identification 

    K-5 Math Enrichment: 

    1. All students (K-5) take a  pre-assessment at the beginning of each quarter broken down by units. 
    2. The data from this pre-assessment is the springboard to determining which students in a grade level are already demonstrating mastery with specific math standards before the objective is taught. 
    3. In a PLT, the AIG team, the IRT, the Intervention coach and the grade level review the data before the beginning of each quarter to determine enrichment needs for the students. 
    4. Further planning is then made as to what enrichments the students will do while their classmates are working on the grade level activities. 
    5. Students may work on their enrichments projects/activities independently or in small groups throughout the duration of the unit. 
    6. Students may check-in with their classroom teacher and the AIG teacher to ask questions and check their progress as they work through the unit. 


    *These enrichment groups are fluid and therefore will change throughout the quarter. Students can be added to the enrichment group as the quarter progresses based on exit tickets, classwork or assessments exemplifying level 4 thinking and mastery.