• Wendell Magnet Elementary

    Academy of Design & Creative Arts


        2023-2024 Title 1 Family Engagement Policy

    Policy Engagement: 

    The voices of our families are important, and we want your feedback. In order to hear from you all regarding our Title I Family Engagement Policy we will:

    ● Provide families with information about what it means to be part of a Title I school during our Open House on Thursday, September 29, 2022.

    ● Send an electronic copy of the policy home and post it on our school website. A Google Form

    where feedback can be provided will also be included in this communication.


    Shared Responsibilities for High Student Achievement: 

    The shared responsibility expectations are reflected and presented in our Home-School Compact. These expectations include the responsibilities of Wendell Elementary School staff and families alike, and the necessary partnership between these two groups. The staff/family relationship will be strengthened throughout the year by regular communications regarding student progress/wellness.


    Building Capacity for Engagement: 

    Supporting both our families and staff in increasing their abilities for engagement is crucial to our success. In order to ensure this happens, we will:

    ● Empower our PTA to help family and community members to become well-equipped


    ● Provide professional development to our staff that is responsive to the results of the

    annual Title I Family Survey.

    ● Set goals with families during conferences that will take place throughout the school year. Additional meetings may be scheduled as well.

    ● Families and community members of Wendell Elementary School will be given

    opportunities to educate and enhance understanding of staff on proper etiquette and

    beliefs within cultures to grow our community.

    ● Be flexible in communications with families, including but not limited to: emails,

    telephone calls, Talking points messages and in-person meetings. 



    Through building a relationship with our families, we will learn how to best meet the

    needs for engagement with Wendell Magnet Elementary School Academy of Design & Creative Arts