• Carpool

    Families are assigned a carpool number and are provided with 2 hanging carpool tags per family at a parent/guardian's request.  If your family requires additional tags, you will need to visit the front office in-person to have a copy of your tag made. 

    Email Olivia Hare, OHARE@WCPSS.NET to be assigned a carpool number. 

    • Arrival - 8:45-9:10 - Parents follow the carpool loop (see map below) and drop off at the front of the building. Staff assist students in exiting their vehicle. Parents stay in the vehicle. 
    • Dismissal - 3:45-4:05
      • Students are called from their classroom by their assigned number. It is important for families to practice this number with their children to avoid delays in dismissal.
      • Staff will assist children with entering and exiting their vehicles. However, students must be able to independently buckle themselves. If your child needs assistance with buckling, you will be asked to pull around into a parking space to assist them. 


    Please adhere to the following procedures to ensure a safe and efficient dismissal: 

    • Students must exit and enter through the right-hand side of the vehicle.
    • Refrain from using cell phones while the carpool line is moving. 
    • Do not enter the bus loop for drop-off or pick-up. 
    • Do not park and walk up to the school to pick up your child during dismissal. 
    • Be cautious as you exit carpool, as the bus and carpool exits merge at the stop sign.
Transportation Map
  • Walkers

    Families who live within walking distance of the school may walk their children to school. A parent or guardian (18+) must accompany children to school and pick children up from school.  If you plan for your child to be a “walker,” email Olivia Hare, Office Manager, ohare@wcpss.net to be added to the Walker list. 

    • Drop Off - Walk your child to the front doors. 
    • Pick Up - Pick your child up from school at the fenced-in play area to the right of the front doors. Have ID on hand. You will be required to initial that you picked up your child.