• Academics Overview

    Barton Pond Elementary will follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, using WCPSS-selected curriculum and resources.  Visit the WCPSS Academics page to learn more about the standards and our resources.


    Daily Schedule

    The school's daily schedule will be developed over the course of the spring & summer.  Each grade level's exact schedule will vary, but each student's day will include:

    • Core Subject Areas - Math, Science, Social Studies, English/Language Arts. (Times vary based on grade recommendations.)
    • Specials Classes (45 minutes) - Barton Pond will offer Art, Music, PE, and Media/Technology as our base specials.
    • Intervention & Enrichment (30 minutes)
    • Lunch (30 minutes)
    • Recess (30 minutes) 
    • Social Emotional Learning - In alignment with our vision that students will learn and grow in an environment focused on love and community, we will incorporate opportunities for Social Emotional Learning into our school day, including starting the day with a community-building morning meeting. (15 minutes)


    LEAP Clubs

    Barton Pond has a goal of implementing a weekly enrichment opportunity for students starting in the second quarter of the school year. The vision for this program is to provide a "club-like" opportunity for all students during the school day, which will enhance students' learning experiences and expand their social opportunities.  Staff will plan clubs for students that extend the curriculum and opportunities to further develop 21st century skills. 

    Clubs will be planned and led by staff and possibly volunteers. Students will be scheduled into a club based on an interest survey. 

    Examples of enrichment opportunities could include: Lego Robotics/Engineering, Creative Writing, Watercolor Painting, Community Service Projects, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Challenges, Foreign Languages, Chorus, Physical Fitness, Newspaper/Yearbook, Peer Mentors, Kindness Club, etc.

    (Actual enrichment opportunities will be developed based on the interests of students, skills & talents of staff, and availability of staff/volunteers).