• About Us


    Barton Pond Elementary school is one of Wake County Public School System's newest elementary schools, set to open on a Traditional Calendar in August 2022.  


    School Vision

    Barton Pond is a school centered on love, community, collaboration, and supporting all students in meeting personal growth goals. Our vision states: “Barton Pond Elementary School challenges students and staff to grow in a loving environment centered on community and collaboration.”


    School Colors, Logo, and Mascot

    Barton Pond’s school colors will be “Barton Pond Blue” and “Lilypad Green." These color choices were intentional as every school who will be sending students to Barton Pond has blue or green as their primary color.  Our community provided suggestions for our mascot, and through multiple rounds of voting, selected the Bullfrog.   Barton Pond will be the only school in WCPSS with a bullfrog mascot, and it is a native species to North Carolina. We are excited about weaving the pond and frog themes throughout our school!

    Barton Pond Bullfrog


    Collaboration at Barton Pond

    At Barton Pond, an essential element of our vision is collaboration. Our ultimate goal is for students to grow while also utilizing their leadership skills to be successful in all endeavors.  Teachers use research-based best practices when facilitating collaboration to engage students and help them understand content at a deeper level. Collaboration enhances student social-emotional and interpersonal skills, such as communication, self-efficacy, and sense of purpose. Through collaborative opportunities, students gain exposure to new outlooks and are challenged to understand different perspectives. Collaborative learning allows students from diverse cultures or backgrounds to feel respected, heard, included, and celebrated and will prepare our Bullfrogs for the future by developing their 21st century skills. 



    We invite you to view this brief slide show with basic information, including a photo tour: 



    Student Assignment

    Students are assigned to Barton Pond based out of a base attendance zone, largely pulling from areas previously zoned for Baileywick, Jeffrey’s Grove, Lead Mine, Leesville, Lynn Road, Sycamore Creek elementary schools. Barton Pond is a traditional calendar application option school for a small geographic area. Currently, there are approximately 375 students enrolled for the 2022-2023 school year.

    Barton Pond Student Assignment Map



    Facilities Design

    Our beautiful facility was designed with collaboration in mind.  We plan to capitalize on our building's unique features by incorporating the building of collaborative skills as a central tenet of Barton Pond’s teaching and learning. 

    1st Grade Hallway