• Overview of Magnet Program


    Global Education

    Global education is about developing global competence and global citizens. Our goal at Oberlin Magnet Middle School is to develop perspectives, skills, awareness, and empathy needed to participate in a globally connected world.

    Students with global competencies will:

    • Explore their own culture in order to make connections with other cultures
    • Investigate global issues and challenges
    • Think critically to problem solve these global issues and challenges
    • Discover the various perspectives of global issues from around the world
    • Develop awareness of cultural diversity

    Oberlin will provide all students with the skills and knowledge needed to become competitive and compassionate world citizens. Through a globally infused curriculum in all core classes, students will learn about global issues in addition to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCoS). Our school partners with Participate Learning and UNC World View to prepare our teachers in developing dynamic globally-infused instruction. At Oberlin, students are enrolled in unique global studies elective courses and language courses.


    World Languages

    We offer Chinese, French, and Spanish as course electives. World language courses are available each year for our students. Depending on the amount of language courses and the degree that these courses are successfully completed while at Oberlin Magnet Middle, students are eligible to receive high school credit for the language they study.  You will find that our world language department is unique in that all our world language teachers are native speakers. Our World Language Department's philosophy of learning provides exposure to both the language and cultures through authentic learning experiences.  Please read about our teachers on our Meet Oberlin's Language Teachers page.  The world language program is separate from the immersion program, which is a program to support students that began world language immersion in kindergarten.


    World Languages Immersion Program

    Language Immersion students from Hodge Road Magnet Elementary School, Jeffreys Grove Magnet Elementary School, and Stough Magnet Elementary school continue their immersion learning as a middle school student at Oberlin Magnet Middle School. Language immersion students extensively study their second language through kindergarten and fifth grade. Therefore, these immersion students are cohorts within their language immersion classes to ensure that they continue to advance in their second language. In 6th Grade, immersion students will take a double-block Spanish Literacy class along with a Cultural Connections class. While in 7th and 8th grade, language immersion students take a Spanish Literacy course to continue their gains. Additional Spanish electives are offered for students who want to continue their cultural growth. As we build our Mandarin Immersion program this year, it too will follow the same pathway as our Spanish Immersion program.