Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Fetzner

Mrs. Fetzner is in her 15th year at Lynn Road as an instructional assistant and 10 years before that as a proud Lynn Road parent! She has worked with many teachers in kindergarten, first grade and the special education program. Most mornings you will see Mrs. Fetzner helping students start their day off with a friendly smile in the carpool line.

She was raised in Pleasant Valley, NY, but after college, decided to move to North Carolina to be warmer! Now her parents and 2 of her 3 brothers have moved to the Carolinas.

As a child, Mrs. Fetzner wanted to be a doctor, but her mom always thought she would make a good teacher. After many years in the technical industry, she decided to try teaching children. Now, instead of building programs for computers, she is teaching children to read!

Outside of school, Mrs. Fetzner loves spending time with her husband, 3 sons and their families and her parents. She also enjoys bargain shopping, doing crafts and baking. As a child, Mrs. Fetzner enjoyed swinging on her swing set and riding her bike with her friends.