School Theme

  • Level Up Graphic Each school year we begin with a new theme that sets the course outlining our focus areas in our curriculum, parent and family engagement, and professional development with our staff. This year, our theme is LeVel Up.

    Level Up Classroom Community! Begin the year making connections with your students, establishing collaborative routines and procedures, and create environments in which students will thrive.

    Level Up Formative Assessments! Focus on tools and techniques to have data at your fingertips by making assessments faster, easier, and more effective.

    Level Up Differentiation! Increase your ability to meet the needs of every student every day by planning differentiated content, process, and/or product.

    Level Up Read Alouds! Enhance the educational impact of daily read alouds by using planned and intentional questioning to dive into complex texts.

    Level Up Technology Integration! Discover tools to enhance your instruction, reaching beyond high student engagement to provide authentic assessment and differentiated learning opportunities.

    Level Up Productive Struggle! Provide opportunities that will help students to gain comfort and appreciation in being uncomfortable, working through a challenge, and failing forward.

    Level Up Reflection! Engage in the cycle of reflection, revision, and reteaching to support student achievement and professional growth.

Past School Themes

  • 2018-19 Ask

  • 2017-18: H.E.R.O.E.S.

  • 2016-17: LEGO

  • 2015-16: B.I.G.