• Responsive Classroom

    K-5 Behavioral Interventions

    Why: We believe that all students can be high achieving

    What: We provide a structure to analyze student data to guide in developing a plan when a student is not meeting their grade-level benchmark. We implement the Multiple Tiered System of Support process to address a student's needs before the child falls significantly below benchmark.

    When: Students who are not progressing adequately in the regular classroom are provided with some type of intervention. These interventions are based on collaborative conversations around identifying the student’s greatest needs. The developed plan outlines what the intervention will be, when the intervention will take place, who will provide the intervention and how we will know if it is working.

    How: Members of the Behavioral Health Committee provide and support teachers by:

    • Providing professional development
    • Facilitating problem-solving for students
    • Creating systems and structures

    If you have any questions you may contact cscrufari@wcpss.net