• Grading for Healthful Living

    • Combination of Health, PE, and Fitness classes
      • 50% - Major assignments (Personal Responsibility, Participation, Health Test/Projects)
      • 50% - Minor assignments (Fitness Tests, Classwork)

    Healthful Living Rules

    1. Raise your hand and wait for permission to respond
    2. Follow instructions and keep your hands/feet to yourself
    3. Show respect for yourself, others and classroom materials
    4. Arrive on time prepared with agenda and materials necessary for Health/PE/Fitness


    PE & Fitness Procedures

    • Please be on time to the gym and enter into the locker room, 5 minutes for dressing out
    • Participation in PE & Fitness requires:
      • Athletic shoes, t-shirts & shorts/pants (white, grey, or black) OR any PH spirit wear.
      • 5 points will be deducted for each day not dressed out or not participating 
      • Any missed PE/Fitness grade has to be made up on first available selective day
    • Students are NEVER permitted to use electronic devices (i.e. cell phone, earbuds, tablets, etc.) in the gym and/ or locker room.
    • Students who do not dress out are NOT allowed in the locker room.  
    • Students are expected to participate even when they do not dress out up until 5th non dress (students will complete an alternate assignment for modified grade per teacher discretion)
    • If a student is injured/sick, please send a note explaining the problem with the date the student needs to be excused. A doctor’s note is needed for an extended illness of more than 2 days. Assignments should be made up when student returns to participation.
    • The locker rooms will be off limits during class time.  
    • Gym lockers will be provided.  PHMS strongly recommends a personal lock be used to protect belongings. PHMS will not provide a lock. The PE lock and all clothing and/or personal items must be removed every Friday.  Locks left on over an extended period of time will be cut off.
    • Physical education equipment must not be touched unless a teacher instructs one to do so.  Do not enter the equipment room or leave your assigned area unless told to do so by a teacher.
    • Gum, candy, drinks and food are never allowed in the locker room or gym.
    • Please report an injury to a PE teacher immediately.  Parents will be called if necessary according to Wake County policy. 
    • Students must immediately report inappropriate/rough behavior in locker rooms due to sensitive nature of the environment and the inability for teachers to see inside stalls or behind tall lockers and supervise the gym at the same time.


    • 1st time – Warning and redirect behavior(s)
    • 2nd / 3rd time – Parent Contact/Lunch Detention/ICS/Alternate Assignment 
    • 4th time - Counselor/Admin Referral 
    • ALL Level 3 offenses will be referred to administration


    The above procedures should be followed for the security and safety of all students in the Healthful Living program.  Please read, sign, and return to your Healthful Living Teacher. Contact information on back.


     I have read the procedures and expectations for the Pine Hollow Middle School Healthful Living course. I have received contact information for the teacher of my student(s), which includes email address, personal web site, and access code to google classroom. 


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    Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________________________  Date ___________