• Grading for Healthful Living

    • Combination of Health, PE, and Fitness class
      • 50% - Major assignments - Dress out/Participation, Health Test/Projects (Min. 3 grades)
      • 50% - Minor assignment - Fitness testing, Classwork (Min. 6 grades)

    Class Rules

    1. Raise your hand and wait for permission to respond
    2. Follow instructions
    3. Show respect for yourself, others and classroom materials
    4. Arrive on time prepared


    • 1st time – in class discipline (redirect the behavior)
    • 2nd time – Parent Contact/discipline per teacher discretion
    • 3rd time – Administration referral (unless first offense is level 3)

    PE & Fitness Procedures

    • Please be on time to the gym and enter into the locker room, 3 minutes for changing out
    • Participation in PE & Fitness requires:
      • All students MUST change clothes (This means bringing a separate outfit to change into for PE.)
      • White, grey or black athletic t-shirts and white, grey or black athletic shorts/pants, socks and athletic shoes.
      • 5 points will be deducted for each day not dressed out or not participating
      • Any missed PE/Fitness grade has to be made up on first available selective day
    • Students who do not dress out are NOT allowed in the locker room.
    • Absolutely NO use of cell phones/electronics  in the locker room (per BYOD contract)
    • Students are expected to participate even when they do not dress out up until 5th non dress (students will complete an alternate assignment for modified grade)
    • If a student is injured or sick, please send a note explaining the cause of the problem with the dates the student needs to be excused. A doctor’s note is needed for an extended illness of more than 2 days.
    • Gym lockers will be provided, however the locker room will not be locked during class time. PHMS strongly recommends a lock to be used to protect your belongings.  Students can use his/her own combination lock, we will not provide a lock. The PE lock and all clothing and/or personal items must be removed every Friday.  Locks left on over an extended period of time will be cut off.
    • Students are not allowed in the locker rooms once class starts, and/or if they didn’t bring a change of clothes. Students will have access to the bathrooms in the hallway during class.
    • Physical education equipment must not be touched unless a teacher instructs one to do so. Do not enter the equipment room or leave your assigned area unless told to do so by a teacher.
    • Gum, candy, drinks and food are never allowed in the locker room or gym.
    • Please report an injury to a PE teacher immediately. Parents will be called if necessary according to Wake County policy.


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