• Students who are in fourth and fifth grade may apply to be library assistants.  No experience is needed as the media specialist will teach those students selected to be library assistants.  Because these students will help set an example for other students in regards to using the library, they are expected to be friendly and helpful, good communicators, organized, reliable and trustworthy.  

    Library assistants will perform a range of jobs including helping students locate books, helping students check-in and check-out books, get computers running, sort books, shelve books, straighten shelves, dust and clean and generally help out as needed with library related tasks.  

    Student library assistants usually help during the beginning of the day and at the very end of the day. 

    There is always a fun celebration at the end of the school year for the student library assistants. 

    The advisor for library assistants is Ms. Scheuerlein.