• We believe that homework complements classroom learning and is beneficial and important in a student’s overall educational program. Research confirms that the amount of time devoted to learning is related to achievement in a subject. Homework should provide students with the opportunity to apply information they have learned, and develop independence. Further, homework provides an opportunity for students to develop personal responsibility and study skills, including good organization, self-reliance, and time management. Finally, homework is an important tool for informing parents about current areas of study and student working levels.

    At Hodge Road, homework depends on the grade level and teacher that your child has. Homework is an expectation to be turned in on the due date assigned by your child's teacher. Homework should be completed by the student with only minimal help from the parent or guardian. Parents and guardians should never complete homework for students!

    The purpose of homework may be any one or a combination of the following:

    1. Practice work introduced in the classroom.

    2. Reinforcement – for students who need extra work to reinforce the skills being taught.

    3. Enrichment – Projects/differentiated assignments; long term assignment, outside reading.

    4. Continuation – for students who were unable to finish class work.

    5. Review – for students who need to prepare for tests or for review of skills to strengthen understanding.

    Individual differences and IEP goals must be followed when assigning homework.

    It is assumed that homework will be done by the students outside of school hours. The amount of such work required of students shall increase as grade levels increase and shall be commensurate with student abilities and course content.

    Grade Level Suggested Times

    K - 20 minutes daily
    1st - 20 minutes daily
    2nd - 20 minutes daily
    3th - 50 minutes daily
    4th - 50 minutes daily
    5th - 50 minutes daily

    These times are in alignment with WCPSS policy.

    If a student’s homework is lost or misplaced, the student is responsible for getting the assignment made up. Homework will not be assigned on weekends or holidays. Realizing the many worthwhile activities in which our students may engage while out of school, homework will be assigned only on Monday through Thursday. Students may, however, work on long-range projects during weekends and vacations. Homework will not be assigned during track out periods unless a student has incomplete work. However, an option to work on long term projects and remediation activities may be suggested by the teachers. Homework is for practice. It is not graded at any time except for projects and long term assignments. A rubric is required for any project or long term assignment. The rubric shall communicate to the student and parent the requirements needed to score at a 1, 2, 3, and 4 level.