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Summer Learning Activities

Below are some fun summer learning activities for students:


Virtual Field Trips:  Students can choose from field trips around the world.  They can then complete a writing activity about their trip.


Letterland – Login to the WakeID Portal and play word games on the Letterland app. – Play word pattern games online.


Scholastic – Read and play games along with your favorite characters.


Read Alouds – Listen to your favorite stories.


Google Lit Trips – Listen to a story and take a virtual trip to the setting.


Interactive Phonics Games – Play games while learning about words.


Decodable Book Library – Read exciting books.


GoNoodle – Get up and move!


Math Manipulatives – Use virtual tools for math.


Math Games – Interactive learning games


Interactive Arts Sites – Paint, draw, learn about artists, and more.


Mindfulness – Relax your body and mind.


Habits of Mind – Establish habits of success.

Zones of Regulation – Are you feeling blue, green, yellow, or red?  Check this out! (Zones of Regulation App)