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Ship Notes 05/17/2024

Please Complete Panorama Family Survey

Today is the last day to complete the survey! Please help us out. More data=better decisions. 

Wake County Public Schools is administering a District Wide Family Survey from Monday, April 8 through Friday, May 17. This survey provides families the opportunity to provide valuable feedback, and it is a high-quality data source for school planning and School Improvement. Please help us by completing the survey online. A high response rate makes the data much more meaningful. The survey should take approximately 7 minutes to complete.


First-Grade Musical

Congratulations to all of our first-grade performers for their amazing musical on Thursday night! It is unbelievable what they can do at such a young age under the guidance of the talented Mrs. Weber, our music teacher. We were thrilled to see so many families enjoying the show.


Field Day

Field Day was a blast! A huge thank you to Mrs. Townsend, all the specialists, the PTA, and all our volunteers for making this possible.


2023-24 Scotts Ridge EOG Schedule

Our staff is working very hard to help all students do their best on end-of-grade tests. We want to help all students feel proud of their efforts and growth. Please help your children by ensuring that they are at school on time every day, but especially on testing days. If students arrive late on a testing day, they will not be allowed to test with their peers. They will need to test with another staff member in a less familiar setting. This does not always lead to students performing to their full potential.

Monday 5/27

Tuesday 5/28

Wednesday 5/29

Thursday 5/30

Friday 5/31




3rd Reading

4th Reading

5th Reading

3rd Math

4th Math

5th Math

Monday 6/3

Tuesday 6/4

Wednesday 6/5

Thursday 6/6

Friday 6/7

3rd Makeups

4th Makeups

5th Makeups

5th Science

3rd Makeups

4th Makeups

3rd RTA

4th Makeups

5th Makeups

3rd RTA + Makeups

4th Makeups

5th Makeups


Monday 6/10

Tuesday 6/11

Wednesday 6/12

Thursday 6/13

Thursday 6/14




EOG Remediation and Readministration

3rd Math

4th Math

5th Math

5th Science

EOG Remediation and Readministration

4th Reading

5th Reading

5th Science

EOG Remediation and Readministration

Students in grades 3-5 will take the EOG/ EOC State Test at the end of this school year.  Should your child meet the criteria for our EOG/ EOC Remediation and Readministration program, you will receive an invitation for your child to attend the program after the EOG/ EOC testing window closes for our school on June 12.  For your planning purposes, the program dates for the end of the school year are June 13 and June 14. Transportation will be provided, and breakfast and lunch will be available.


The Fine Print . . .

*Remediation and readministration will be available for reading in grades four and five.

*Remediation and readministration will be available for math in grades three, four, and five.

*Remediation and readministration will be available for science in grade five. 

*All students who pass an EOG tested course or subject in 2023-24 but score Not Proficient on the initial administration of the EOG will be eligible to participate. For elementary students passing ELA and Math is defined as having a mode score of level 3 or 4 in all strands within the content area for Quarter 3 and the projected Quarter 4 grades. Mode means that most grades for that content area are levels 3 or 4.

*Only students who meet the criteria will be invited.

*It is recommended for those who are invited, but it is not mandatory.

*Most families prefer to pick up their children as soon as the test is complete because there are no activities planned after testing is complete.

*More information will be provided to families with children participating.


K9 Unit of Apex Police Department Visiting  Kindergarten on Tuesday, May 21st

Don't be alarmed when you see the police car and police officer(s). Our kindergarten students have the special privilege of a presentation from the Apex PD K9 unit around noon on Tuesday, May 21st. 


ECS Class Hosts Special Market!

Congratulations to the students in Mrs. Mitchell's class for creating their own goods for market! We are so proud of you!



News from the PTA. . . 


Spirit Night @ Kilwin’s

Join us Tuesday May 21st at Kilwins Apex for SRE’s last spirit night of the year! Come get a sweet treat from 4-9, mention SRE, and the school will get a portion of the profits.


Rescheduled PTA Meeting

The final PTA meeting of the school year will be rescheduled to June 4th at 9:45am. The meeting will be held virtually. Please reach out to for meeting registration information.


1st Day School Supplies

We're working with 1st Day School Supplies again to preorder name brand kits using the exact supply lists requested by SRE teachers. The kits are shipped directly to your home in August. A portion of the sales will go back to SRE to fund programs at school. The SRE link is now open to order!


Upcoming Dates

05/17: Field Day

05/17: Interim Progress Reports Sent Home

05/17: Last Day to Complete Panorama Family Survey

05/17: Speech Pathologist Day (Thank you, Ms. Bush!)

05/23, 6:30-7:30 PM: Spring Chorus Concert

05/27: Memorial Day (No school. . . )

05/30, 5:30-6:30 PM: Rising Kindergarten Orientation

05/30-06/12: EOG Testing Window (Please ensure that your child is at school on time each day and has no unexcused absences.)

06/11, 1:00-2:30 PM: Sailing Up Ceremony for Fifth-Grade Students (Save the date!)

06/12, 12:00-2:00 PM: Fifth-Grade Picnic

06/12: Last day of school! Report cards sent home (will not be sent home before last day).


May is . . . 

  • Better Speech and Hearing Month

  • Military Appreciation Month. . . Thank you to all those who have served and their families.

  • Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Month, and Jewish American Heritage Month


Meet the Staff! New Videos Available!

Mrs. Townsend and her talented student reporters on the Morning Wave student news program have completed more interviews of our staff members for your viewing pleasure. You can check out all the episodes here with more to come soon. 


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