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Ship Notes 02/11/2024

Valentine's Day Request

Valentine's Day is this Wednesday, and we know that everyone in our school community will be showing their kindness. Students are welcome to exchange Valentine's Day cards this week, but please follow the guidance provided by your child's classroom teacher. Please do not send in chocolate, treats, or other foods. We have students with diabetes and allergies, and many families want to have a say over what their children eat. 


Run Clinics for Family Marathon Participants Only

We are so excited that so many students and families have signed up for our Family Marathon! Students and families will run the final mile together at school on March 15th! Any students looking to get in some extra miles can join our run "clinics" on the days below. Parents of students who are registered for the marathon are welcome to join us as well.

  • Students with last names A- M will go on Day 1 of the weekly run clinic.  
  • Students with last names N-Z will go on Day 2 of the weekly run clinic. 

Run clinics will be held on:

February 13 (Tuesday- Day 1) and 14 (Wednesday- Day 2) 
February 21 (Wednesday- Day 1) and 22 (Thursday- Day 2)
February 27 (Tuesday- Day 1) and 28 (Wednesday- Day 2) 
March 6 (Wednesday- Day 1) and March 7 (Thursday- Day 2) 

Please be mindful of the dates since run clinics are not being held on consistent days due to Teacher Workdays. Chorus students, please attend on the non-chorus day if there is chorus that week. 


Upcoming Lockdown Drill

All WCPSS schools are required to hold lockdown drills to ensure that students and staff are prepared in the case of a potential threat in the building. In preparation for the formal lockdown drill, and to prepare for an emergency, teachers show their students what to do in the case of a lockdown. What the teachers share with students depends on the age of the students, but we are mindful that discussing these drills has the potential to cause anxiety for some students. 

While we are directed not to share the exact date or time of a lockdown drill, we will be having one in the next couple of months. We will send a short message to families after the drill to let them know the drill has been completed. Please remember that how you talk about lockdowns will directly impact your child's feelings about the subject, and we do not want our children to worry. If your child needs any support with lockdown-related anxiety, please reach out to your child's teacher and/or our counselors, Mrs. Reilly ( or Mrs. Trueman (


DreamBox Challenge Update

Monday is the start of the final week of our first Dreambox Challenge! The response from our students has been amazing, and the majority of our classes have been hitting their weekly goal of 80% of students in the class completing at least five lessons. Research has shown that this helps students challenge themselves and grow in math. All classes that reach their goal will win some extra recess, and one class from K-2 and one class from 3-5 will win a popcorn party!
Remember . . . 
DreamBox is not assigned as homework, but at times we know students choose to work on it at home to either meet their goal of 5 lessons per week or because they just love DreamBox. Therefore, we feel it is important to share some information about supporting your Sailor when they work on DreamBox at home:
  • Students should work independently. DreamBox collects data while students are working and adapts their content based on their performance. If students receive help completing the lessons, they will encounter work that is too difficult for them and become very frustrated. Dreambox will no longer be an effective tool to help your child.
  • Students should listen to the audio while working in DreamBox, either by using headphones or turning the volume up on their device.
If you'd like to learn more about DreamBox and/or supporting your Sailor at home, this is a wonderful resource. If you have any questions about our DreamBox Challenge or DreamBox itself, please contact your child's teacher. 

Bedford Falls Book Fair

Our spring book fair will run from 2/12-2/16. Unlike the fall, there will not be a separate preview day. Reach out to with any questions!


Volunteer to help at the book fair! (I'm not sure if they are still taking volunteers.)


Kids Invite Someone Special (KISS) Breakfast

The KISS breakfast is this week on 2/15 and 2/16! Invite someone special and join us in the cafeteria for pastries, then stop by the book fair and find something to read together. Please park in the parking lot and enter through the courtyard/K-2 playground.

2/15, 8:00-8:40 AM: Students with last names that start with A-M

2/16, 8:00-8:40 AM: Students with last names that start with N-Z 


*If you are unable to attend on the day that corresponds with the child's last name, you are still welcome to attend on the other day. 


Volunteer to help at the breakfast! (I'm not sure if they are still taking volunteers.)



Previously shared information . . .

Rising Kindergarten Enrollment for School

If you have a child entering kindergarten for the 2024-2025 school year, please click here for important, time-sensitive registration information. Because Scotts Ridge is a capped school, families who have children currently attending Scotts Ridge, who will also be attending next year, only have until March 1st to turn in EVERYTHING TO THE OFFICE for kindergarten enrollment to guarantee a seat at Scotts Ridge. Please register your rising kindergarten child as soon as possible. In an era of teacher shortages, it is incredibly helpful for our administration to know exactly how many students are coming next year to ensure that we can hire the best available teachers before other schools do AND to ensure that we do not lose any current teachers. Our amazing teachers are a major reason why Scotts Ridge is the amazing school it is, so your help is appreciated. If you have any family, friends, or neighbors with rising kindergarten children, please share this message.

Tracking School Buses

There are multiple ways to track the arrival of the yellow school buses. None of them are flawless, but all options help the vast majority of the time.
  1. Check this website. It is updated every 15 minutes, so remember to refresh your screen.
  2. Download the Here Comes the Bus app for your phone and use WCPSS school code 67500.
  3. Follow when the buses leave campus using X/Twitter @SRESTrans 


Notes from our PTA . . . 


Family Marathon

The Family Marathon is underway, and we have over 500 participants registered! . . . T-shirt orders were due on 1/26 and will come home with students in March. Stay tuned for upcoming February Run Clinic information! We will run the last mile together at school on March 15th. More details can be found on our pta website.



Silent Auction

We are in the process of working on our spring fundraiser which will include a silent auction. Do you own a local business (or know someone who does)? Do you own a vacation rental and would be willing to donate a few nights? Do you have a contact in a local university athletic department who can assist with a donation? If so, we would love to hear from you. All donations are tax deductible. Please send an email to 



Just a reminder that the yearbook purchase deadline in March 15, 2024. Yearbooks will not automatically be sent home to all students like previous years - they will only be sold through the pre-sale. Purchased yearbooks will be distributed in May 2024.


Yearbooks can be purchased with cash, check (made payable to “Strawbridge”), or online ( using the online code: YB29848). 


Upcoming Dates

02/12-02/16: Spring Book Fair

02/15, 02/16:  Kids Invite Someone Special (KISS) Breakfast

2/15, 8:00-8:40 AM: Students with last names that start with A-M

2/16, 8:00-8:40 AM: Students with last names that start with N-Z 

03/01: Final date for families who lived in our school base before the cap to turn in all kindergarten registration documentation to ensure their children will have a space in kindergarten at Scotts Ridge . . . This is true even if a sibling attends the school.

03/05: Now a teacher workday

03/15: Family Marathon Final Mile

03/15: Yearbook Purchase Deadline


Meet the Staff! New Videos Available!

Mrs. Townsend and her talented student reporters on the Morning Wave student news program have completed more interviews of our staff members for your viewing pleasure. You can check out all the episodes here with more to come soon. 


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