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Ship Notes 09/30/2023

LAST CALL (Monday Deadline): First Semester AIG Nomination Window (Grades 4 and 5)!

Teachers or parents may nominate:

  • High-achieving 4th or 5th grade students who are not already identified
  • High-achieving 4th or 5th grade students who wish to add a second area of identification

  • High-achieving 4th or 5th grade students who are new to Wake County Public Schools

  • (All third-grade students will be assessed automatically later this semester.)


    Email Mrs. Costa at for student nominations or more information. 

    Deadline:  October 2, 2023  


World Bullying Prevention Day: Monday, October 2rd

World Bullying Prevention Day is Monday, October 2. Please join us in wearing blue on Monday as we spread awareness about bullying prevention. 

Picture Day: Tuesday, October 3

All students will have their pictures taken on Picture Day! These photos will be used for the yearbook. Please see the digital flyer here for online ordering. 


From PTA: Picture Day Volunteers

Please volunteer to help Picture Day run smoothly. Please see the Sign-Up Genius here to volunteer. Please contact Laurian Lane at with any questions about the sign up


National Walk and Bike to School Day: Wednesday, October 4th

If you are available, please join your fellow Sailor students and families for National Walk and Bike to School Day this Wednesday. This is a low-key event, but it's a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. We'll have some music playing as students arrive!


The Return of the Kindergarten Letterland Character Parade

The kindergarten teachers are so excited to announce that on Friday, October 13th, the kindergarten classes will participate in a Letterland Parade. Please help your child choose their favorite Letterland character and create a costume. (If you are worried about making a costume, there are some characters with simple costumes, or you can focus on the color worn by a character.)

Parents of kindergarten students are welcome to join us on the 13th. We ask that you enter the front of the building and line up against the walls on the kindergarten hall. The parade will start at 9:45 am, so you will want to arrive a few minutes before. After we pass you in the hall, you can exit the K-1 hall at the other end and go into the K-2 playground and line up on the fence to get a second look as we pass by outside. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher. 

Join us for Operation Safe Zone on October 16th!

The Apex Police Department is encouraging community members from the area to join them in front of the Scotts Ridge campus on Apex Barbecue Road from 8:20 AM to 9:15 AM on October 16th. Police officers will be distributing signs to help draw attention to the importance of safe driving in Apex school zones, including the one at our school. We are working with the Apex Police Department to increase awareness about our school zone and improve the safety of our students and families (and crossing guard). Please join the Apex Police Department and our staff in helping to keep our kids safe. 


Apex Police Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Presentations

On September 13th, Officer Short from the Apex Police Department led engaging and important assemblies on pedestrian and bicycle/scooter safety for our students. He led three presentations customized to the grade levels: one for K-1, one for 2-3, and one for 4-5. We encourage you to review the linked slides and talking points for the presentation(s) your child/children attended.

New Promethean Displays for Classrooms

While we do not yet have an exact date of installation, we have been informed that they are starting the process of replacing our classroom TVs with interactive Promethean display panels. These panels are wonderful for instruction because they are large and interactive for teachers and students. The original TVs are also starting to die. Our hope is that the panels will be installed before winter break. 

Curriculum Night Feedback

Thank you to all the parents/guardians who completed the survey. We received a lot of great feedback that will help us make next year's curriculum night(s) even better. You can find some of the survey themes below:

  • Parent/guardian feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
  • Parents/guardians liked being in smaller groups in the classrooms, where they had the opportunity to hear directly from their child's teacher and meet other class parents/guardians.
  • Parents/guardians felt they were able to learn important information about the curriculum, grading, and how they can support their children at home.
  • There was an even split between parents/guardians who would like to see the K-2 and 3-5  curriculum nights combined into one evening and parents who would prefer to see the curriculum nights left on separate nights. Of the parents who chose two separate nights, all but two only had one child (and one of the respondents with more than one child appears to have misunderstood the options). Having to find childcare for two nights instead of one was the most cited reason for wanting to combine the nights, and parking was noted as a concern by those who wanted two separate curriculum nights. Please note that the length of the sessions and time spent with the teacher has no connection to whether we decide on one night or two. We will either host two sessions in one night or two sessions per night over two nights.

There were also some helpful individual comments:

Comment: "I would have enjoyed learning more about the specials/visiting those classrooms." (Great idea. We might look to add this next year.)

Comment: "Is it possible to combine it with Sailor Social to help simplify family schedules?" (We understand the appeal. This is not practical for a variety of reasons, including the organization required for both events, staff not being able to be in two places at once, the fact that the presentations are adult focused, how long the light would become for families if they attended both events on the same night, and more.)  

Comment: "Would love to be able to receive the resources shared through email as well as I was unable to attend due to work schedule . . . " (Thanks for sharing. We recently asked all teachers to send a copy of their slide presentations to all families. You should receive a copy digitally this week. Keep in mind that the slides were just a starting point and won't necessarily cover everything that was said in person.)

Comment: ". . . It would be great to share a daily class schedule with parents/caregivers at the beginning of the school year if it's available." (Thanks for sharing. This is a best practice for teachers at the beginning of the year. We recently asked teachers to send a copy of the daily class schedule to families digitally this week. While most sent a copy at the beginning of the year, there was a lot sent home at the beginning of the year, so it does not hurt to send another copy.) 

Comment: "Leaving some time to connect with the teacher individually about our kid." (Thanks for sharing. While this is not feasible with so many families there for the same event and the need to allow teachers to go home to eat and sleep after a long day and evening, we have fall conferences coming up, and you may request a phone call, virtual conference, or in-person conference at any time if you need to meet sooner.)


Save the Date: Donuts with Grown-Ups on October 19th and 20th

Students are encouraged to invite a special adult in their lives to the book fair before school . . .and enjoy a donut! To reduce overcrowding and waits in line, please come on October 19th if the student's last name starts with A-N and October 20th if the student's last name starts with O-Z. However, if your assigned day does not work, you are still welcome on the other day. Students need to be supervised until 8:45 and should not be brought to classrooms before 8:40.


Upcoming Dates

09/15-10/14: Hispanic Heritage Month

10/01-10/30: Disability Awareness and History Month

10/02: World Bullying Prevention Day 

10/03: Picture Day

10/04: National Walk and Bike to School Day

10/02-10/06: National Custodial Appreciation Week. Thank you, Ms. Dorian!

10/09: Teacher Workday (No school for students. Teachers will be involved in LETRS training for the science of reading.)

10/09-10/13: National School Lunch Week (Please thank our cafeteria staff.)

10/10, 10/11, and 10/13: Vision screening for all students.

10/10-10/20: Fall Book Fair Window

10/13, 9:45: Kindergarten Letterlad Parade. Please do not arrive before 9:30 because of morning arrival.

10/16, 8:20-9:15 AM: Operation Safe Zone near the Apex Barbecue Road crosswalk 

10/18: Unity Day! Wear Orange 

10/19, 8:00-8:40: Donuts with Grown Ups (Last name A-N, but still come if coming on 10/20 is a problem. Books are restocked daily.)

10/20, 8:00-8:40: Donuts with Grown Ups (Last name O-Z, but still come if coming on 10/19 is a problem. Books are restocked daily.)  

10/24-10/26: K-5 Character Education Assemblies. Families will be contacted ahead of time if their child will be recognized at this assembly, but keep the secret!  


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