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Remediation and Readministration of End-of-Grade (EOG) Tests

EOG Remediation and Readministration

Students in grades 3-5 will take the EOG/ EOC State Test at the end of this school year.  Should your child meet the criteria for our EOG/ EOC Remediation and Readministration program, you will receive an invitation for your child to attend the program after the EOG/ EOC testing window closes for our school on June 9.  For your planning purposes, the program dates for the end of the school year are June 13 and June 14. Transportation will be provided, and breakfast and lunch will be available.


The Fine Print . . . 

  • Remediation and readministration will be available for reading in grades four and five.
  • Remediation and readministration will be available for math in grades three, four, and five.
  • All students who pass an EOG tested course or subject in 2022-23 but score Not Proficient on the initial administration of the EOG will be eligible to participate. For elementary students passing ELA, and Math is defined as having a mode score of level 3 or 4 in all strands within the content area for Quarter 3 and the projected Quarter 4 grades. Mode means that most grades for that content area are levels 3 or 4.
  • Only students who meet the criteria will be invited.
  • It is recommended for those who are invited, but it is not mandatory.
  • Many families prefer to pick up their children as soon as the test is complete.
  • More information will be provided to families with children participating.