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Ship Notes 03/15/2023

Family Marathon Friday!

You can find all the latest details here. Student safety is always our priority, so we want to emphasize the importance of signing out your children from the gym after the race. PLEASE do not leave with your children after the race unless you have signed them out from the gym. We appreciate your support and understanding.


Spring Pictures and Classroom Group Pictures: March 21st

All SRE classes will have their classroom group pictures taken on March 21st. Classroom group photos are prepay only. Please see online ordering information here.  All students will also have their individual photos taken and a proof package will be sent home in 3-4 weeks with information on how to order the individual photos. 


2022-2023 Spring Fling Silent Auction Has Started!

The silent auction will run from March 13-27 as part of our PTA led Spring Fling. The PTA will use the proceeds to support our school.  


ID Required for All Visitors

It is a WCPSS expectation that all visitors to schools are asked to show identification every time they visit the school - even if our staff recognize you. This is for the safety of your children and our staff. We have hundreds of guests in our building each year, and it is not reasonable to expect that our office staff will know everyone. It is also not equitable to ask one person to show identification and not another. When parents see office staff members let adults in without checking their identification, it causes some to be concerned about the safety of their children. No matter how often you visit the school, please be kind and considerate of our office staff when you are asked to show your identification. We are happy to see you, and you are welcome here! Showing your identification will only take a few seconds. We appreciate your understanding.


No Student Drop-Off on Apex Barbecue Road

An Apex police officer shared with us that there are a few parents dropping students off on both sides of Apex Barbecue Road. This is dangerous for students and blocks traffic. Please use the bus, carpool, or walk. 


Previously shared information . . . 


International Festival Volunteers Needed

The International Festival committee is in the process of planning our event. The International Festival will be Thursday, April 20th from 5:30-7pm. We are looking for volunteers that may be able to provide food samples of their culture, stencil henna tattoos, or play instruments. Please reach out to your grade level representative if you are interested in participating in this event. Below is the list of grade-level committee members.


Cori Hamme-

First Grade

Lizzy McDaniel-

Second Grade

Alice Robertson-

Third Grade

Kit Sheckler-

Fourth Grade

Rachael Baldwin-

Fifth Grade

Keith Jensen-


Upcoming Musical Performances

While teachers have sent out communication about upcoming musical performances at their grade level, we just wanted to send out a reminder of upcoming dates and times starting with our fifth-grade musical. Please check with your child's teacher if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing what Mrs. Weber and her star performers have in store for us!

04/26, 6:30 PM: Third-Grade Musical . . . Celebrate the History of Rock and Roll 

05/11, 6:30 PM: First-Grade Musical . . . Ei EI Oops Musical  

05/23, 6:30 PM: Chorus Performance . . . Salute to Broadway


Spring Fling

Save the date for this year's Spring Fling: March 27 from 5:30-7:30. The rain date is March 29.

Silent Auction

We are still collecting donations for our 2022-2023 Spring Fling Silent Auction, which will run from March 13-27. If you own a local business (or know someone who does), own a vacation rental, or have a contact at a local university athletic department that can assist with a donation, we would love to hear from you! All donations are tax deductible. Please send an email to!

Raffle Baskets

We're excited to bring back raffle baskets for Spring Fling this year! By now you should have likely received an email from your class room parent with your class theme. To have time to showcase them and allow online tickets we ask that each class please have their basket completed by March 15. The raffle is always a fun time at Spring Fling! Your contributions are greatly appreciated and all proceeds go back to SRE!

Upcoming Events  

*Link to list of Sailor Fun Fridays.


03/17: Scotts Ridge Family Marathon

03/27-30: Fleet Week Spirit Week

Monday: Music at Lunch, Tuesday: Lunch in Skipper's Park, Wednesday: Vacation Shirt Day

04/26, 6:30 PM: Third-Grade Musical . . . Celebrate the History of Rock and Roll 

05/11, 6:30 PM: First-Grade Musical . . . Ei EI Oops Musical  

05/23, 6:30 PM: Chorus Performance . . . Salute to Broadway