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April 8 Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is next Monday, April 8.
Parent consent forms should have been sent home with your child making you aware of what will be happening during the solar eclipse at Parkside. The forms are opt out, so you only need to return the form if you do not want your child to participate.
Our amazing Parkside PTA has purchased approved viewing glasses for all students that are tracked in to use. We will also be using paper plates to help create a more safe experience for our students. 
When will students go outside? - The eclipse will begin around 2pm on Monday, but we will be seeing the maximum effect (about 78% coverage) around 3:15. Students will be  going out periodically between 2 and 3 to see how it is changing, but will be remaining outside after 3 until 3:30.
What about the kids who can't participate? Our amazing science teacher, Mrs. Madlon, will be creating grade specific learning opportunities for students who are not able to participate. Those students will stay inside with supervision and also watch a live stream of a place experiencing totality!