Belief Statement

  • School Motto: Empowerment through Innovation

    Why "Empowerment through Innovation?" These words describe Parkside Elementary School’s belief that each student and teacher should not only be empowered but deserve empowerment to take ownership of their collective learning and teaching. By honoring the unique interests and backgrounds each Sandpiper brings to the classroom, the curriculum becomes a series of meaningful experiences that transforms the educational environment from typical to innovative.  Students and teachers learn from each other; teachers facilitate conceptual discussions, and design instructional tasks to support students connecting content to their individualized cultural norms. The result is a community of Empowered and Innovative PIPERS:  Purposeful, Imaginative, Productive, Equitable, Resilient, and Successful! 


    Videos of Parkside

    Intro to Parkside - The Building

    Intro to Parkside - The Teachers

    Carpool at Parkside

    Walkers at Parkside

    The Parkside Ribbon Cutting