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Here Comes the Bus App



Learn more about the Here Comes the Bus App.  This app translates GPS data into an easy to use, customizable map that works on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It allows you to see where the bus is and how close it is to your home.  Sign up at


You will need the school district code 67500 and your student’s WCPSS identification number.



Here Comes the Bus FAQs


What is Here Comes the Bus?


Here Comes the Bus is an easy-to-use website and app that enables you to see the location of your child’s school bus on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. This way, you know when the bus is near your stop.


When will the app be available?


Traditional calendar families will be provided access to the app several weeks after the start of school for their calendar.  Parents will receive an error message if an account is created early.


How much does it cost?


Here Comes the Bus is available at no cost to WCPSS families.


How do I sign up?


You can sign up for Here Comes the Bus at You will need the district code and your student’s ID number to sign up. The WCPSS school code is 67500. For your smartphone or tablet, download the Here Comes the Bus app from the App Store or Google Play.


How does it work?


With GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers now standard on most school buses, Here Comes the Bus translates that information into an easy to follow customizable map, which allows you to see where the bus is and how close it is to your home.


Can I customize the app?


Once activated, you may customize or edit certain features, including how the app will communicate with you and the size of the notification radius. When the app is functioning correctly, the family should receive a push message when your bus enters the notification radius. Your stop location icon should turn from red to green once the stop has been made. The same is true for the school icon when the bus arrives to your school.


What If there is a bus substitution?


WCPSS Transportation makes bus substitutions to perform preventative maintenance and in response to the management of drivers.


Based on how you customize the app, you will receive a push notification with a message similar to the following when a substitution is made:


Bus A1234 has been substituted with bus A5678 for the AM route. Please monitor the bus in the app or website as you may not receive your arrival notification via push or email.


When a substitution is made, some features of the app may not work. For example, your student’s bus stop and school stop may not change from red to green when the stops are made. However, you should still be able to track your student’s bus.


Is the information private and secure?


Here Comes the Bus uses HTTPS, just like a bank or online store, which means that all communications between your web browser and the site are encrypted and secure. (That’s what the in “HTTPS” stands for – secure.)


What’s the difference between the mobile app and the website?


The primary difference is how you access the data. The look and feel is different on a mobile device for better on-the-go use.


How do I contact customer service?


If the question or concern is related to a bus service issue, please go to or call 919-805-3030.  Here are examples of service related issues:

  • Why is my bus behind schedule?
  • Why is there is a bus substitution?
  • I’m moving and will need to request bus service at my new address.

If the question or concern is related to how the app works, please contact HCTB Customer Support. Once you are logged into your account, the link to HCTB Customer Support can be found by selecting Help.  Additional resources can be found there.  The following are examples of app related issues:

  • How do I change the notification radius?
  • Why am I receiving emails, but not text messages?
  • Why does the app work on my computer, but not my phone?


For other questions you can contact WCPSS Transportatioin and find more information at