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Kindergarten and Carpool Reminders 8/3/22

We are excited to welcome our kindergarten students to their first day of school on Friday! 
We wanted to let all of our families know that we will be adding approximately 60 cars to carpool on Friday.  Please be patient as carpool will likely be a little slower than normal so that we can ensure all of our kindergarten students dismiss safely and smoothly.  In addition, please pay attention to the following carpool reminders.  Please have your child ENTER and EXIT from the RIGHT side of the vehicle toward the sidewalk.  For safety reasons, we will not exit and enter from the driver side of the vehicle.  Please pay attention to crosswalks and yield to pedestrians as you move through the line and exit the school campus onto Timber Drive.  As you move through the carpool line, proceed as far as you can and stop so that your door is even with the cone.  Our students line up at the cones and await their vehicle.  Thank you so much for so much for your attention to these items as we work to keep all students safe!  Have a great day!