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Weekly Message 6/17/22

EOG testing will continue this coming week.  On Monday, we have the 3rd grade Reading EOG and 5th Grade Science EOG.  On Wednesday, 3rd graders will take the math EOG.  We are very proud of all of our students and their hard work and preparation for these tests.  We know they will do well! 

Please remember the last day of school for all students is now Monday, June 27.  The only students who should attend on June 28 or 29 are 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade students who are eligible to retest and will be contacted by their teacher.   No other students should attend school on June 28 or 29.  Please contact your teacher with any questions.

If you have outstanding library books, please turn them in ASAP.  Also, all chromebooks and chargers should go home with students for the summer.  They can use them over the summer but will need to bring them back to school next year.