• We are here to support and provide resources to our military families.

    • Access to community resources

    • Assistance navigating WCPSS resources and support

    • WCPSS Family Academy
    • Contact our school counselors to provide your student with short-term counseling

    • We can offer additional support during deployments and transitions

    • Understand the Interstate Compact Law and how it may impact you and your family

      • Interstate Compact Law on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

        What does the compact address?

        • Enrollment

        Educational records, immunizations, Kindergarten entrance age and deployment related absences

        • Eligibility

        Special education services and extracurricular activities

        • Placement

        Program and course placement

        • Graduation

        Waving requirements if similar coursework has been completed and flexibility in accepting state end of course exams


        Who is eligible for assistance under the compact?

        Children of:

        • Active duty service members or National Guard and Reserve members on active duty orders

        • Veterans or members who are medically discharged or retired for one year

        • Service members who lose their life while on active duty


        Who is not eligible for assistance under the compact?

        Children of:

        • Inactive members of National Guard and Reserves

        • Veterans and retired members (unless specified above)

        • Department of Defense personnel, federal agency civilians and contract employees not defined as active duty


        To learn more please visit https://mic3.net/ or contact your local compact commissioner.