Design and Creative Arts

  • According to a recent Wake County community focus group, creativity was identified as a leading skill needed in the workplace. “As the world becomes more dynamic and competitive, organizations must continually generate creative ideas in order to keep up with ongoing pressures to be adaptive and innovative.” Design thinking is a human-centered approach that fosters creative thinkers who will wonder how to solve problems in more unique ways. Students follow an iterative process that helps guide their thinking. 

    Design Thinking

    Along side design thinking, students engage in lots of creative art work. Students do not simply make art for the sake of making art, but to fill a need. Students use the design thinking process to create solutions to complex problems. Students engage in this work in all of their classes, not just electives. This affords all students the opportunity to participate in our theme.

    We work with the United Arts Council to provide students with the opportunities to interact and learn from professional artists.