Design and Creative Arts

  • Wendell Magnet Elementary is a Design and Creative Arts Magnet School! We are growing the problem-solvers and creative thinkers of tomorrow. Daily instruction is enhanced with a combination of design thinking and creative arts. Students participate in collaborative classroom experiences where design and creativity converge to find multiple solutions to a problem or challenge. They discover their individual learning styles and showcase their learning through traditional and non-traditional artforms. Students maximize their creative potential by engaging with local and national artists and with design mentors.  


    What is the Design Thinking Process?

    Our teachers will use Design Thinking to guide students in proposing solutions to a problem using empathy, ideation, discovery, and innovation. Our students use the design thinking process to become creative thinkers who wonder how to solve problems in unique ways.

    Design Thinking Process: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test