Parent Canvas Accounts

    Parents can create an account in Canvas to monitor their child's progress. To do this, the student must generate a pairing code for the parent to use when creating an account. Please see links below for detailed instructions.



    Go to https://wcpss.instructure.com/login/canvas. Then use the top-right link to create your account.

    Generating a Pairing Code

    About Pairing Codes


    Access for Parent Accounts

    Parents will automatically be enrolled in courses for students they have paired with. However, access in the course is limited.

    What a parent account can do:

    • View and read announcements
    • View assignments index page
    • View the calendar
    • Join conferences, if invited
    • Join collaborations, if invited
    • View personal inbox
    • Send conversation messages to instructor and student they are observing
    • View the dashboard
    • View and read discussions
    • View files unless they are locked
    • View grades, view assignment due dates and comments, and print grades
    • View modules and see due dates and point values
    • View pages and contribute if the instructor enables the Anyone can edit it setting
    • View profile pictures, if available
    • View syllabus
    • View outcomes
    • View quizzes index page

    What a parent account cannot do:

    • Comment on announcements or discussions
    • Submit assignments or quizzes
    • View course rosters
    • Send conversation messages to students with whom they are not paired
    • View locked files or folders
    • Join groups
    • View unpublished courses
    • Access the Chat tool
    • Reserve appointment slots in the Scheduler
    • View grade audit trail