Log into Canvas

  • All WCPSS students have a Canvas account. Students log into Canvas through the WakeID Portal. Follow the steps below:

    1. Log into the WakeID Portal at Follow these instructions if you need help accessing your WakeID Portal: K-2 | 3-13.

    2. Click the Canvas icon on the Applications tab.

    Canvas icon

    3. Your Canvas account will open to the Canvas Dashboard.

    screenshot of Canvas dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my Canvas Password?
    Students log into Canvas through the WakeID Portal. Follow these instructions if you need help accessing your WakeID Portal. K-2 | 3-13

    Where can I find courses that I am enrolled in?

    • The Dashboard displays courses that you are enrolled in.
    • High school students: Click Courses > All Courses from the global navigation on the left of the screen to access all enrolled courses.
    • Elementary and middle school students: Click Subjects > All Subjects from the global navigation on the left of the screen to access all enrolled subjects.

    Where can I learn how to use Canvas?
    Your teacher determines which Canvas tools are available to students. For help learning how to use the available tools, visit the Canvas Student Guides: High School Students | Elementary and Middle School Students | Guides In Spanish

    What is Canvas? What is the purpose of Canvas?
    Canvas is a Learning Management System. Universal use of Canvas will expand access to learning any time, anywhere through:

    • Enhanced communication between students, families, and teachers
    • Greater efficiency for students and staff
    • Clearly communicated and supported expectations for digital teaching and learning

    How does my student log into Canvas?
    Students will log into their Wake ID portal using their WCPSS login information.

    How will I be able to see my student's class work, assignments, grades, and announcements? 
    Parents can create a Parent Observer Account to monitor their child's progress. To do this, the teacher or student must generate a pairing code for the parent to use when creating an account. This pairing code is used once to set up the account and will expire after 7 days. For more information, see Canvas Parent Observer Accounts.

    How will the school communicate with us through Canvas?
    Families and students can send messages directly to the teachers of a course. Canvas also allows teachers to post updated announcements and provide feedback on assignments and assessments. 

    What platforms can I use to access Canvas?
    For information about browser compatibility, see What are the browser and computer requirements for Canvas? At school, students should be using Chromebooks to access Canvas.  The Canvas Student app and Canvas Parent app are available on Android and iOS devices.

    How can I learn more about Canvas? 
    Check out this video tutorial on how to use the Canvas parent app. You can review the Canvas Observer Help Guides for more information.

    What can I do when I need technical help with Canvas?
    Please contact your child’s teacher or the WCPSS Help Desk online or at 919-664-5700.

    What features will make Canvas user-friendly for my student?
    Canvas incorporates many accessibility and accommodation features, including Immersive Reader, audio/video responses, annotation, extra time for assessments, and assigning to groups, individuals, or whole groups.

    Immersive Reader provides the following support for students: 

    • Reads text aloud in the Canvas Pages and Assignments. 
    • Allows students to increase and decrease the font size and line spacing as well as alter the background colors for ease of reading. 
    • Provides a picture dictionary to give students a graphic representation of words within the text. 
    • Translates into over 60 languages so students can compare, read or listen to words and sentences.

Canvas Parent Observer Accounts

Video Tutorials