• Alston Ridge Middle School Grading Policy


    Grading Philosophy

    A student’s grade will reflect his/her mastery of concepts and standards. Mastery will be demonstrated through various outcomes, assignments, and activities.


    Grading for Mastery

    • Only assignments assessed for accuracy are included in the gradebook.
    • Rubric items will be based off of standards.
    • Practice assignments will be used for instructional decisions and/or to provide feedback.
    • Early intervention strategies are created from mastery grades.
    • Points earned for mastery of standard; not academic behaviors.


    Total Points

    A student’s grade will be calculated using a total points system.  To determine a student’s grade in the class, divide the total number of points earned by the total number of points possible.


    Grading Scale

    A: 90 - 100

    B: 80 - 89

    C: 70 - 79

    D: 60 - 69

    F: 59 and Below


    Late Work

    Teachers will issue zeros in the PowerSchool gradebook to indicate missing assignments.  However, students will have until the end of the quarter to complete missing work. Strategies and resources will be utilized by teachers to collect work from students before a zero is the final grade for an incomplete assignment. 


    Absent Make-Up Work

    For any new work assigned during an absence, students will have a maximum of two days for each day absent to complete the assignments.  

    Assignments that were given prior to the absence, are expected to be turned in by the due date or first day of return.

    Special consideration will be given in the cases of extended absences.