Family Responsibilities

Family Responsibilities

  • Parents, guardians, grandparents or other members of a student's support system will play an important role in promoting student success in the WCPSS Virtual Academy. Here's what you should do to set your student up for success!

    • Establish a calm, quiet, distraction-free space for your student to work every day.
    • make sure their virtual learning equipment is available and charged.
    • Create a consistent schedule for completing assignments.
    • Make sure your student checks Canvas every day and provide them help when needed.
    • Check your email, Canvas Parent Observer Account, and PowerSchool regularly for communication and information. Need to update your email address? Contact your school's data manager.
    • Communicate with teachers as needed regarding any questions or issues that arise.
    • Serve as a partner in supporting your student in engaging in independent learning activities and credit requirements. Students will need different levels of support in online instruction and may need closer supervision and assistance from members of your student's support system.
    • Make sure you are available to meet with your student's teacher or school if needed.
    • Remain living (domiciled) in Wake County while in the WCPSS Virtual Academy.


    Communicating with your student's teacher

    Communicating with your student's teacher is important to help your student succeed. We understand that you will need support throughout the school year. If you have questions, work with your student's teacher and school. If you have a general problem, follow these steps:

    • Step 1. All questions and issues should first be directed to the student’s teacher via phone, email, or meeting at a mutually agreed upon time. If your student’s teacher cannot address the question, they will let you know who to contact.
    • Step 2. If the question is not resolved at this level, parents are advised to contact the School Administrators at the student’s assigned school.

    Throughout the school year, there will be multiple ways to communicate with:

    • Canvas Updates | Teachers will communicate updates by posting announcements for students and families.
    • Email | If possible, please allow a 24-hour turnaround in teacher email response.
    • Teacher Office Hours | Teachers will post office hours to support students. Teachers will also be available to meet personally with you and your student (if requested).

    Statement of Understanding

    When you registered for the WCPSS Virtual Academy, you agreed to a Statement of Understanding that outlines student expectations involving attendance and engagement. 

    The WCPSS Virtual Academy provides students an opportunity to participate in virtual learning. Assignment to the WCPSS Virtual Academy requires a special commitment of time and effort from the students and their parents or guardians. All instruction and services will be delivered virtually. This commitment requires that, upon assignment to the WCPSS Virtual Academy, you agree to keep your student in the program for at least one full school year. If at any time during the year, your student is not meeting the stated expectations for the WCPSS Virtual Academy, your student may be required to be returned to in-person instruction at the assigned school.

Support Your Student's Learning

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