• Registration Information

  • Registration Window

    The registration window for the Virtual Academy will open at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, April 22, 2021 and close at 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 2. We will provide a link to register here when the window opens.

    Families will receive a confirmation letter from their assigned school by May 12. If they have not received notification by that date, families should contact their assigned school.

    Statement of Understanding

    Virtual Academy families must agree to the following Statement of Understanding that outlines student expectations involving attendance and engagement:

    The WCPSS Virtual Academy provides students an opportunity to participate in virtual learning. Assignment to the Virtual Academy requires a special commitment of time and effort from the students and their parents/guardians. All instruction and services will be delivered virtually. This commitment requires that, upon assignment to the Virtual Academy, you agree to keep your child in the program for at least one full school year. If at any time during the year, your child is not meeting the stated expectations for the Virtual Academy, your child may be required to be returned to in-person instruction at the assigned school.

    Long-Term Commitment

    Families will be asked to commit to remaining in the Virtual Academy for one year unless vaccines for students become widely available. If that occurs, the commitment will be reduced to one semester, and any requested movements could occur between first and second semester. 

    A long-term commitment is necessary to avoid students having to change teachers, whether in the Virtual Academy or in person, during the semester. This will also reduce or eliminate sharing teachers with those attending in-person classes. 

    The district will also re-evaluate registration in Virtual Academy if the COVID-19 pandemic surges again. 

    Important Information

    Any current WCPSS family who wants to register after the window closes needs to contact their child’s school. A key factor in determining admission to the WCPSS Virtual Academy will be availability in courses/classes. Admission will not be guaranteed.

    Parents of students not currently enrolled in WCPSS should visit wcpss.net/enroll before registering for the Virtual Academy.

Registration Closed

Registration in the WCPSS Virtual Academy is closed. Registration ended in May, followed by a review of students with extenuating circumstances. Further reviews are no longer possible due to a shortage of teachers.

La inscripción en la Academia Virtual de WCPSS se ha cerrado. El período de inscripción terminó en mayo, seguido por una revisión de los estudiantes con circunstancias atenuantes. Debido a una escasez de maestros, no es posible una revisión adicional.