Vision, Mission and Values


    Our Vision and Mission

    Southeast Raleigh Elementary School students will become leaders, excel academically, reach their potential, and be transformers within their community.

    Southeast Raleigh Elementary School's mission is to support our students and families through the Five Pillars of Pride:



    Identifying individual student needs

    Developing core instruction

    Engaging families and the community


    Core Values

    Community Responsive Project-Based Learning

    Leadership and Character Development

    Culture of Innovation


    Out-of-school Experiences

    Daily Physical Education/Swimming


    Focus Areas

    Daily Physical Education 

    Swim lessons for students in grades (2-5)

    Bicycle Lessons for students in grades (K-1)

    Community participation in critical decisions

    Additional administrative, specialist, and support staff with salary supplements

    Extended professional development

    Programming incorporating learning kitchen and gardens

    Easy integration of volunteers and partnerships