• Below you will find our Creech Road ROAR values. As proud members of our Creech Road family, students at Creech Road strive to demonstrate respect, safety, achievement, and responsibility. 

     Our school is about many things: academics, community, healthful living, and preparing kids to be lifelong learners. Above all, we want our students to be good people -- young men and women who show good character and embody the Creech Road ROAR values in their words and actions.  All students, whether they realize it or not, can be role models for others and make our school a better place. Let’s encourage our students to be this kind of student.   



    Learning Environments 





    Arrival / Dismissal  

    Responsibility is Key 

    -have all materials 

    -be gentle with  materials 

    -stay in assigned area 

    -clean up  

    -have a pass when walking alone. 

    -go directly to my destination  

    -keep sinks and counters clean 

    -throw away trash 

    -wash hands with soap and water 

    -come prepared 

    -clean up after yourself 

    -throw away trash 

    -use equipment appropriately  

    -take care of equipment 

    -clean up trash 

    -go directly to my destination  

    -follow morning routines  

    Operate with Safety 

    -push in chair 


    -keep hands and feet to yourself  

    -walk calmly 

    -stay in line 

    -report any problems to staff 

    -flush the toilet 

    -stay at assigned table 

    -wait at table to be dismissed 


    -keep hands and feet to yourself 

    -report any problems to staff  

    -line up at first signal 

    -stay in approved areas 

    -follow rules and directions 


    -use sidewalks  

    Always Give your Best 

    -actively participate 

    -try your best  

    -complete tasks 

    -be a leader 

    -be growth -minded 


    -appreciate the hard work of others on bulletin boards  

    -smile and be courteous 

    -return to class quickly 

    -go during breaks 

    -eat only my food 

    -help others 

    -practice good sportsmanship 

    -invite others to join in  

    -be a problem solver 

    -be a good example 

    Respect Everyone 

    -help others 

    -value opinions 

    -use positive words  

    -follow directions 

    -wait to be called on to speak 

    -take turns 

    -be honest  

    -use quiet voices 

    -use manners 

    -hands to yourself 

    -honor each other's’ privacy (no peeking) 

    -use quiet voices 

    -use quiet voices 

    -use manners 

    -use kind words 

    -agree on rules before a game begins  

    -follow game and activity rules 

    -include everyone 

    -use kind words