Student Services

Student Services


The Sanderson Student Services Department is one of the busiest and most visited locations in our building.  Here you will find essential information for your high school career.  The Student Services Department includes: School Counselors, SAP Counselor, Dean of Students, Career Development Coordinator, Intervention Coordinator, Financial Aid Advisor, School Registrar, and Data Manager. We look forward to working with you!

Hours: 7:00-3:00pm 
Phone: (919) 881-4800 
How to make an appointment with your counselor: You may make an appointment with a counselor by stopping by Student Services and filling out an appointment request slip. You may also email your counselor to set up an appointment. 
Who to Contact: 
 Staff MemberArea of Supervision
 Ms. Leandra CarpinoDean of Student Services
 Mr. Michael Grabiec  Students Last Names A-D
 Ms. Molly AveryStudents Last Name E-K
 Mr. David DonatiniStudents Last Name L-Ra   
 Ms. Brenda Young     Students Last Name Re-Z
 Ms. Rashunda JenningsStudent Assistance Program Counselor
 Ms. Helen Pettiford   Intervention Coordinator
 Ms. Traci Claiborne Career Development Coordinator 
 Ms. Cindy Evans  Receptionist 
 Ms. Ive BatistaRegistrar
 Ms. Shelia LawsData Manager
 Ms. Kim BuntonAttendance
 Ms. Ellen WardlawCollege Financial Aid Advisor
  • Student Services Mission and Vision

    Mission Statement: 

    Sanderson Student Services will encourage, educate and empower students to become engaged lifelong learners in a 21st century global world.


    Sanderson High School Student Services will support student success through the implementation of a comprehensive school counseling program. Through collaboration, instruction and educational opportunities, students will maximize their potential for future success while becoming respectful and responsible citizens who think critically about the world around them. 

  • Student Services Action

    The Sanderson High School Student Services Department will:

    ●     Advocate for every student

    ●     Work with stakeholders to address the personal and academic needs of the student

    ●     Align our mission and vision to meet the goals outlined in the SHS school improvement plan

    ●     Evolve our program to the changing needs of the student

    ●     Actively monitor the academic progress of each student


    ●     Use data driven decisions to plan and implement comprehensive programs

  • Student Services Beliefs


    ●     All students can learn, and we will work together as partners to remove barriers to achieve success

    ●     Decisions are data driven using multiple forms of assessment

    ●     The commitment to continuous school improvement by the Sanderson community is essential to success

    ●     Learning needs to be active and engaging for students

    ●     Students should have equal access to support and learning regardless of social, ethnic, cultural, racial and academic backgrounds

    ●     All students have the opportunity to work with a professional School Counselor

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