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Academic Information

Assessment and Grading

  • Evaluation of Student Progress

    In the Wake County Public School System and at Garner Magnet High School, we are committed to maintaining rigorous performance and achievement standards for all students and to providing a fair and consistent process for evaluating and reporting student progress that is understandable to students and their parents and relevant for instructional purposes. The purpose of a grading system is to appropriately and consistently measure and communicate a student’s level of mastery of defined learning objectives. In addition, all WCPSS grading and reporting practices will support the learning and teaching process and encourage success for all students.

    For more information, review Board Policy 3400: Evaluation of Student Progress and R&P 5520: Grading System.

  • GMHS School-Based Grading Plan

    Board policy 3400 directs each principal to...

    • ensure the development of a school-based grading plan,
    • place the plan on file in the school,
    • submit it to the designated area superintendent for approval, and
    • communicate the superintendent approved plan to staff, students, and parents. 


    Grading Practices

    All teachers will use PowerSchool™ to maintain and report grades. Parents and students are able to access their student’s grades via the Parent Portal and the NCEdCloud Student Portal.

    1. Per state policy, in all courses the final exam shall count as 20% of the student’s final grade.
    2. A uniform process and formula shall be used to calculate students’ course grades. The process and formula for calculating final course grades shall be:
      • 1st Semester Average 40.0%*
      • 2nd Semester Average 40.0%
      • Comprehensive Final Exam 20.0%

    Final Grade = .40(1st/2ndQuarter Average) + .40(3rd/4th Quarter Average) + .20(Final Exam grade)

    *1st Semester averages will include a comprehensive mid-term assessment that counts no more than 10% of either the 2nd or 3rd quarter average.

    1. Students who have been suspended at any time during the term are NOT eligible for an Exam Exemption.



    Homework assignments are purposeful continuations or extensions of the instructional program and appropriate to the students’ developmental level. Homework helps students become responsible, self-directed learners, improves their academic achievement and provides reinforcement opportunities.

    Homework will not exceed 10% of a student’s academic grade for a given marking period. Each Professional Learning Team (PLT)* will determine a percentage for homework based on the structure and needs of the PLT. If a PLT combines homework with another category, homework itself will not count more than 10% of a student’s grade.

    *A professional learning team is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.

    For more information, review Board Policy 3135: Homework and R&P:Homework 


    Assignments and Assessments

    Assignments and assessments are an appropriate and consistent evaluation of academic achievement. Evaluation of academic achievement employs formative and summative assessments to determine a student’s level of mastery of curriculum objectives.

    All GMHS students will take a Mid-Term examination in every course, which will occur either end of 2nd quarter or beginning of 3rd quarter.

    All GMHS students (except for those seniors eligible for an exam exemption)  will take a Final examination in every course. All Final examianations will occur during the school-wide scheduled final exam window.

    • Students who have been suspended at any time during the term are NOT eligible for an Exam Exemption.

    All assignments and assessments will be aligned with state/district adopted standards and/or curriculum and be designed per PLT (professional learning team/subject area) to appropriately assess student achievement.

    PLTs will develop common formative and summative assignments and assessments to evaluate students’ mastery of objectives. PLTs will use common rubrics to assist in the evaluative process. Individual PLTs assure assessment category weights and grading considerations, especially in terms of mastery, are consistent throughout the PLT and are approved by the principal.

    No single assignment will count more than 10% of the student’s semester grade.


    Missed Work

    Missed work is work a student misses due to an absence from class.

    • If the absence is approved in advance and/or if the work is assigned by the teacher before the absence, all make-up work, including tests assigned for the day of return, is due upon the student’s return to school. Teachers may use discretion and make exceptions in the case of students whose excused absences were not planned in advance and the nature of which would not support submitting make-up work on the day of return.
    • If the make-up work has NOT been assigned in advance, for absences of one (1) to three (3) days, the student will have one day for each day (A or B day) absent. For absences exceeding three (3) days, the student may have (2) days for each day absent to make-up work. Special considerations will be given in the case of extended absences due to injury or chronic illness.

    For more information, review Board Policy 6000: Attendance and R&P 6000: Attendance.


    Late Work

    Late work is work that is not turned in on the due date, but the student is present in class.

    • Grading practices should not be punitive in nature, but GMHS students are expected to meet deadlines for assignments and assessments. However, late work cannot be penalized more than 10 percent per day, with a maximum deduction of 40 percent for work turned in late. Furthermore, because of the nature of the A/B schedule at GMHS, late work should only be penalized each A/B day, not each school day.
    • School-wide quarter deadlines for excessive late work are determined annually. After each school-wide deadline, excessive late work will only be accepted at the discretion of the teacher but must fall within the given late work perimeters of each PLT.
    • Excessive late work deadline dates occur 1 week before the end of the quarter. Excessive late work will receive no less than 50% of earned score. For example, if an assignment receives an 80%, the lowest grade it can be entered as is a 40%. The following are the deadline dates:
      • 1st Quarter: October 20, 2016
      • 2nd Quarter: January 19, 2017
      • 3rd Quarter: March 23, 2017
      • 4th Quarter: May 18, 2017



    Prevention-Intervention Plan

    For all students, our school seeks to provide a prevention/intervention system that promotes successful completion and mastery of work.

    The following are school-wide expectations for how all stakeholders support prevention/intervention efforts:

    • Administration will ensure the development and monitoring of a consistent school-based grading plan.
    • Student Services/Guidance will assist in the communication/dissemination of grading policies through the parent/student caseload.
    • Teachers will keep parents and students informed of progress by posting grades at least once every 2 weeks.
    • Teachers will contact (via phone or email) the parent/guardian of students making a 64% or below every 4 weeks.
    • Teachers will be available for after school tutoring at least one (1) day a week to support student needs.
    • Communication among teachers, guidance, parents, and students will be timely.
    • Parents and students will maintain a PowerSchool account to keep informed of academic progress.
    • Students will attend class regularly and participate in class activities to ensure academic success.

    NOTE: In the circumstance that a student’s semester average is below a 50%, the student will be given the opportunity to sign a Grade Recovery Contract. If the student adheres to the conditions of the contract, the student’s first semester average can be recovered to a minimum of 50%.


    Extra Credit

    Extra credit is offered at the discretion of each professional learning team. When offered, extra credit opportunities to improve grades must be connected to learning outcomes and consistent within PLTs. Extra credit may not replace missing and/or late work.


    Interim Progress Reports and Grade Reporting in PowerSchool

    Interims / progress reports may be a hard copy or up-to-date recording in PowerSchool. The reports inform the parent/legal guardian of the student’s progress at that time. Interim reports are issued to all students at the mid-point of each quarter. Grades are updated a minimum of every 3 weeks in PowerSchool for parents/guardians, counselors, teachers, and administration to access. 

    Weeks of issued Interim Reports

    • Quarter 1 – Weeks of September 19 and October 10
    • Quarter 2 – Weeks of November 21 and December 19
    • Quarter 3 – Weeks of February 21 and March 13 
    • Quarter 4 – Weeks of May 1 and May 22

    Dates of Report Card Distribution

    • Quarter 1 - November 4
    • Quarter 2 - February 3
    • Quarter 3 - April 3
    • Quarter 4 - June 9

    Teachers use the following PowerSchool functions to communicate additional information as to assignment status:

    • “Missing” A student can still make up the assignment because the assignment was missed due to an absence. The missing function can also indicate that the student did not turn in the assignment. Once the assignment is turned in, the teacher will change the assignment from “missing” to “late”.
    • “Late” Students who turn in assignments after any given deadline will be marked accordingly.
    • “Collected” Collected indicates that a student did turn in the assignment, but the assignment has yet to be graded.

GPA Scale

GPA Scale for students entering 9th grade prior to 2015-16
Quality Points
Academic Honors AP/IB
A 90-100 4 5 6
B 80-89 3 4 5
C 70-79 2 3 4
D 60-69 1 2 3
F <60 0 0 0
GPA Scale for students entering 9th grade in 2015-16
Quality Points
Academic Honors AP/IB
A 90-100 4 4.5 5
B 80-89 3 3.5 4
C 70-79 2 2.5 3
D 60-69 1 1.5 2
F <60 0 0 0

These grades will be reported on the student transcript as numeric grades, rather than letter grades as have been reported in prior years.

In addition to the grade scale change, new standards for quality points will take effect for students entering high school for the first time in the 2015-16 school year and thereafter. This change will not affect students who entered high school prior to the 2015-16 school year.

The new quality points standard will provide an additional 0.5 quality point to Honors courses and one (1) additional quality point to Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate courses, community colleges courses or four-year university or college courses taken in high school. This new standard provides the same additional quality point to all college-level coursework.

While a student should receive a grade whenever possible, the teacher may issue an "Incomplete" (I), with principal approval, when students are unable to complete assignments that are major components of the grade. Students must adhere to the teacher's plan for completing those assignments or the grade will revert to the original grade. Incompletes will not be used for 4th quarter grades.

For more information, review Board Policy 5520: Grading System.