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Welcome to Bugg!
Bugg Elementary Creative Arts and Science Magnet Elementary School provides a productive and creative atmosphere in which each child is actively involved in learning through the use of A+ Schools Programs, arts, core curriculum, science and technology. 

The A+ Schools Program is an integral part of the Creative Arts and Science Magnet Program. It is an approach to teaching and learning grounded in the belief that the arts can play a central role in how children learn. A+ schools combine interdisciplinary teaching and daily arts instruction, giving teachers multiple opportunities each day to recognize the special skills and learning styles of students. 

The NC Standard Course of Study at a Creative Arts & Science Magnet School is delivered through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach that integrates the arts into daily classroom instruction. A four member arts team is employed full-time in the areas of music, dance, drama, and visual arts. The A+ approach to learning is based on Howard Gardner's extensive research on multiple intelligences and is also supported by recent brain research. 

In addition to the Arts program, Bugg also has a well-equipped lab and science specialist who provides instruction based on experimentation and exploration. 

Bugg Creative Arts and Science Magnet Elementary School was the 2004 recipient of the Ronald P. Simpson Award given by Magnet Schools of America recognizing it as the number one magnet school in the nation!!