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College Credit

College Credit

  • There are a number of ways high school students can earn college credit while in high school. Some high school students enter their first year of college with enough credits to be college sophomores. Most of these programs are entirely free to the student.

    Advanced Placement

    The purpose of the Advanced Placement (AP) program is to offer college-level courses to high school students. Administered by the College Board, the AP program includes both courses as well as a testing program that colleges and universities may utilize to grant credit to students who have performed well on AP examinations.

    Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment gives middle and high school students the opportunity to take approved courses for high school credit at regionally accredited institutions including Institutions of Higher Education (IHE), community colleges, North Carolina Virtual Public Schools, and non-WCPSS secondary schools. Courses taken must provide opportunities not currently available to the student at the middle school or high school, including courses of an advanced and/or expanded nature. High school graduation credit and grades will be awarded by the base school when the official grade report for the course taken is received at the base school. Quality points will be calculated as defined in the Wake County Public School System High School Program Planning Guide. The student's official high school transcript will include grades and credit earned through dual enrollment. For students in grades 9-12, the grades earned through dual enrollment will factor into the cumulative grade point average and class rank.

    Wake Early College of Health and Sciences

    This unique school allows students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma as well as an Associate degree in five years. This school is a personalized, rigorous, innovative high school themed around health and sciences.

    Wake STEM Early College High School

    The Wake STEM Early College High School is a joint project between the Wake County Public School System, N.C. State University, and the NC New Schools Project. STEM is an acronym that stands for the four content areas that this school will focus on: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This will be the theme of our school's program as well as being an Early College High School. Exploration of the Grand Challenges for Engineering will be a common instructional focus that will extend through various courses.

    Wake Young Women's and Young Men's Leadership Academies (6-12+)

    These schools start at 6th grade and continue to a blended high school and college experience. These small, single-gender academies develop each student as a leader and a learner. Themes of empowerment, innovation and collaboration are integrated in academic and extracurricular opportunites that result in each student's scholarship, service and success.

    Vernon Malone College and Career Academy (9-12)

    This school is a collaborative endeavor with Wake Technical Community College and Wake County Government. Students will be able to complete studies in one of the ten programs as part of their graduation credits. Through an academic foundation paired with career-informed courses and work-based learning experiences, graduates may continue to a four-year university, or apply their earned credits towards an AAS degree, certificate or diploma program at Wake Tech.

    Articulation agreement

    Allows students to receive advanced placement credit for completion of identified Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses taken in high school. A final grade of B or better and a raw post-assessment score of 80 or better are required. This creates a systematic and seamless process in which students can move from high school to community college without having to duplicate efforts or repeat courses.

    Huskins Cooperative Program Agreement

    This program provides enrichment opportunities for high school students by enrolling in courses not otherwise available to them. Over 100 courses have been specifically identified in the annual agreement, which are taught by Wake Technical Community College instructors and are held at Wake Tech or at a WCPSS school. These courses are for our high school students only, and are not open to the general public. Students receive both WCPSS credit and Wake Tech credit. Tuition is free for our students. We purchase the textbooks for the courses. Student must be in ninth-grade or higher.

    Concurrent Enrollment

    This program allows students to take almost any course at Wake Tech that is not included in the Cooperative Program Agreement, and not offered at the student's high school. Tuition is free for our students. Students receive both WCPSS credit and Wake Tech credit. Students must be at least 16-years old. Intellectually gifted students under 16-years old may be able to participate, but will not receive WCPSS high school credit. 

    Learn and Earn Online

    This program allows students to take online college courses at any of the NC community colleges and earn both high school and community college credit. After high school  graduation, credits earned at multiple community colleges can be combined to a single community college. NC DPI covers all costs. Student takes course sitting at high school computer.

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