District Facts

District facts

Our average daily enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year is 159,549 students. We are the largest school system in the state and the 15th largest in the nation coming into the current school year. Our student population has almost tripled since 1980 and more than 9,000 additional children are expected in our classrooms by 2020. 

Our Schools

Average Daily Membership (Month 2)
Total number of schools 177
Elementary schools 110
Middle schools 34 
High schools 26
Alternative schools 4
Academies (K-8, 6-12) 3
Mobile/modular classrooms 1,152
Facilities Utilization Report
Facilities Locations (Map)

  Oct. 2016


Our Budget

Operating budget $1.4 billion
Per-pupil expenditure $8,570
Operating budget spent on schools 91%

2015-16 Actual

Our Employees

Total number of employees 19,134
Total number of teachers 10,225
Percent of teachers with advanced degrees 41.8%
National Board-certified teachers 1,517

  Oct. 2016

Special Programs

No. of students

Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Program
(Month 2)
Limited English Proficiency 10,876
Special Education21,390


  •  Reports by year

    Reports include data for Grade and Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Free and Reduced Eligibility, Limited English Proficiency, Title I and Academic Achievement, Academically or Intellectually Gifted Program and Special Education Services

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