PULSE (Participation, Understanding, Leadership, Scholarship and Excellence) is an enrichment and remediation class for freshmen and sophomores. PULSE meets for 30 minutes each day. Metacognitive activities encourage students to reflect on the work they are doing and the way they are presenting themselves as early college students. Students engage in group discussions, reading selections, academic and personal goal setting, and character education. Students build close relationships with faculty and develop strong friendships with fellow students.  PULSE class meets once a day for 30 minutes.
  • Metacognitive Monday

    Lesson on habit of mind skill or topic
  • Thinking Tuesday

    Academic Lab or Health Sciences experience
  • Working Wednesday

    Practice/continuation of Monday’s skill or topic; or Health Sciences experience
  • Thinking Thursday

    Academic Lab or Health Sciences experience
  • Friday Reflection

    Reflective examination of the week’s academic performance