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2017-18 Superintendent's Proposed Budget

Superintendent's Proposed Budget

Superintendent Jim Merrill gave the Board of Education an overview of his proposed $1.6 billion budget for next year at the board’s April 4 meeting.

Budget Priorities

   Cost  Detail
School Counselor with students   $9.9 million

Funds will be used to support the first year of a three-year plan to bring the number of school counselors and social workers up to the national recommended student ratios.

 Student with blueprints $7.2 million

New Schools and School Changes
Funds will be used to operate four new schools - Hortons Creek Elementary, Rogers Lane Elementary, River Bend Middle and North Wake College and Career Academy - and to support changes related to school renovations.

Teacher carrying student   $7.1 million

Salary Increases
The funds will be used to match an estimated 3 percent state-legislated salary increase for locally-funded employees.

Assistant football coach at practice   $2.5 million

Extra-duty Pay Increase
Funds will be used to support the third year of a five-year plan to increase extra-duty pay to academic and athletic coaches.

Bus Driver   $2.2 million

Market Responsive Compensation
Funds will be used to create competitive salaries for our support staff, particularly in hard-hit areas such as transportation.

High school students performing science experiment $2 million

New Magnet Themes
Funds will be used to support the creation and revision of magnet themes at Lincoln Heights Elementary School, Bugg Elementary, Millbrook Elementary, and Southeast Raleigh High School.

 Friends $488,000

Office of Equity Affairs Expansion
Funds will be used to expand the personnel and professional development offerings of the Office of Equity Affairs. 

Response to Legislative Changes Affecting Class Size

Current legislation to reduce K-3 class sizes could create up to $26 million in additional operating costs for the school system in 2017-2018. Those costs, in turn, put elementary school art, music and physical education classes at risk. A request of $13 million is included in the superintendent's proposed budget to reduce the risk to teachers in those areas. The school system must wait for a final decision from the General Assembly before this portion of the budget can be settled. 

Budget Timeline

April 18, 2017
Public Hearing at the WCPSS Board of Education Meeting
5625 Dillard Drive, Cary, 27518
April 25, 2017
Work Session at the WCPSS Board of Education Meeting
5625 Dillard Drive, Cary, 27518
May 2, 2017
School board approves request at the WCPSS Board of Education Meeting
5625 Dillard Drive, Cary, 27518
May 12, 2017
Deadline to send budget proposal to Wake County Board of Commissioners