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Wake County magnet schools create well-rounded students by challenging them with programs tailored to their strengths and exposing them to new experiences. Innovative and pioneering programs challenge students to think creatively and analytically to solve problems, while diverse student body populations enable students to learn and see things from a different perspective. Wake County magnet schools provide students the tools they need to see things differently.Magnet schools enhance academic standards with innovative approaches to learning that maximize student potential. Students at magnet schools are challenged with programming that exposes them to new experiences. And the diversity of the schools enable students to learn and see things from different perspectives. Magnets open doors of opportunity and spark the imagination of students, preparing them to become responsible citizens in a global society. 

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Magnet Objectives

  • Reduce high concentrations of poverty, and
  • Promote diverse populations, and
  • Maximize use of school facilities, and
  • Provide innovative and/or expanded educational opportunities

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