Student Activities


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    ARK - Acts of Random Kindness Club

    Club Sponsor: Ms. Purnell

    The ARK Club strives to made middle school a little more pleasant by conducting uplifting campaigns, activities and projects throughout the year.

    Meetings held on the first Monday of the Month from 2:30-4:00 PM


    Battle of the Books

    Club Sponsor: Ms. Munroe

    The purpose of the Battle of the Books program is to encourage reading by all students at the middle school level.   Students, regardless of ability, are exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints by prominent authors in the area of young adult literature.

    The booklist is available in the media center.
    The team of 12 is announced in January.
    The Wake County Competition is held in the spring.
    Fellowship of Christan Athletes (FCA)

    Sponsor: Mr. Thomas

    Meetings held every Wednesday from 7:10 - 7:40 AM in the Auditorium.
     Jr. Beta Club

    Sponsors: Mr. Holland

    At the close of the 6th grade year, students who have maintained all A's and no more than 1 B each of the first three nine weeks will be invited to join the school's honors club, the Jr. Beta Club. Parents pay for the initial membership into the national organization, which is around $15. 7th graders who were not previously inducted are also invited to join. The club meets monthly, and students complete community service projects. Jeff Holland and Jan Morgan serve as advisers for the club.
    Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
     Jazz Band
    Sponsor: Mr. Freeman
    Meets every Friday from 7:10 - 7:40 AM
    Leadership Club
    Sponsor: Ms. Skipper
    The Leadership Club is open for all grades.  We have a limited number of spaces and students need to visit to see if they want to apply for the club.  Students work to learn how to be a leader among their peer group and we also do some community service.  We are also responsible for putting up and taking down the flag daily.
    Meetings held the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month from 2:30 - 3:30 PM in Room 815.

    State Math Team
    Sponser: Mr. Holland

    Students in Math I or Math II are eligible to compete in the State Math Competition, held each year in March at Wake Tech Community College. Students practice on prior state tests to get ready for the competition. WFMS has had two students place in the top 25 in the past two years, and last year placed in the top 10 in the region as a school in Algebra I.

    Meeting times are announced.


    Club Unify

    Sponsor: Ms. Payne

    The goals of this club are to form friendships, support special Olympic athletes, raise awareness for Special Olympics and help young people become advocates/youth leaders.  You can get the word out by talking to your students about this club. At the initial meeting, parent letters will be given to students. Permission is needed from you as well as parents in order for students to participate.

    Meets twice a month from 7:10 - 7:40 AM. in Room 722.