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    New School Bus Procedure for Students

    WCPSS students will have a new process for boarding the school bus: 
    *The bus stopping with its red lights flashing and the stop arm displayed signals motorists to stop. 
    *Students should stay at their bus stop. 
    *The bus driver checks that motorists have stopped. 
    *Then the bus door will open and the crossing control arm will swing open at the bus front.
    *Students wait until the crossing control arm deploys before boarding the bus.

  • The WCPSS Transportation Website ( continues to be updated, and is an excellent source of information for parents. It includes bus routes, bus updates, FAQs and transportation policy and guidelines. If you are experiencing transportation issues, please call 919-805-3030.

    You may go to to review bus routes. The routes listed are continually updated, with the most current routing information.  

    In order to request the start of transportation for a new student, please fill out the request form at